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Manufacturer & Exporter: Surfactant,
Oilfield Chemicals,
Cosmetic Waxes &
Specialty Chemicals

About Us


To be a brand of Global Eminence through best in class value delivery by high quality people


Delight customers; be a Partner of choice, and a Global leader of Surfactants and Specialty Chemicals to the
House hold surfactant, Detergent surfactant, cosmetics waxes and raw material,
Pharmaceuticals raw material, Textiles chemicals & Auxiliary,
Industrial surfactant, Pulp & Paper manufacture, Pigment and paint manufacture,
Leather chemicals & Auxiliary, Agro chemicals,
Oilfields chemicals with a commitment to
a cleaner and safer environment

Value System

  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Senior & Junior - No Superior & Subordinate
  • Openness in Communication & Dealings
  • Everyone can make a difference
  • Always open for new ideas and new solutions
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Integrity to Self - say "I don't know"
  • Accessibility of Seniors
  • Business is people
  • Quality is all pervasive - it includes Everything
  • Whatever one does, do it perfectly
  • Team Working
  • Empowerment of People


  • RIMPRO, promoted by a team of professionals, has the main objective of making profits for growth by tapping opportunities in India and abroad, which challenge the professional competence of people in RIMPRO
  • RIMPRO shall fulfill its commitments to society
  • RIMPRO shall provide maximum value to its customers
  • RIMPRO shall continuously build an organization of high-efficient, high-effective, high-performing people, who would be proud of their association with the Group
  • RIMPRO shall make conscious efforts to look after the well being of its people
  • RIMPRO shall strive to achieve leadership in Quality of its products and services
  • RIMPRO shall have research and development of new products and technologies as its major strength
  • RIMPRO shall endeavor to achieve excellence through professionalisation of all areas of management

Quality Policy

RIMPRO shall provide maximum value to its customers by consistent supply of quality products and reliable services
RIMPRO shall continuously strive to achieve quality leadership in its products and services
RIMPRO shall ensure safety at its work place and surroundings
RIMPRO shall comply with all the relevant statutes pertaining to the countries in which it markets products
RIMPRO shall achieve this by trained and well co-ordinate team
This policy has the commitment of each member of RIMPRO