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Oilfield Chemicals

Oilfield Chemicals - Oil Soluble Demulsifier, Water Soluble Demulsifier, Corrosion Inhibitors

Rimpro is one of the fastest growing oilfield chemical manufacturers in India. We offer the finest quality oil field chemicals widely used in the various stages of oil and gas production. As a leading oil field chemical manufacturer in India, over the years we have developed the finest quality Oil Soluble Demulsifier, Water Soluble Demulsifier and Corrosion Inhibitors. We have specifically engineered these oil field chemicals to meet the precise requirements of the oil field and other manufacturing industries.

Oilfield chemicals are widely used in oil and gas drilling projects for improvements in oil and gas exploration field operations. The usage of different types of is increasing significantly for efficient exploration process. Various chemicals for oilfield including demulsifier, surfactant, corrosion inhibitors to increase the drilling fluid efficiency, cementing, well stimulation and oil recovery are offered by RIMPRO.

We offer top quality oil soluble demulsifiers which are designed to give excellent demulsifying action to separate water and oil from water in oil and oil in water type of emulsions. Our water soluble demulsifier products are totally organic surfactant solutions which can perform at room temperature with improved speed for oil-water separation.

We have the widest range of genuine anti-corrosion agents to meet corrosion controlling needs in oilfields. Presence of water in oil production processes results in corrosion in oil flow lines, production equipment used in oilfield processes. Therefore in order to meet the maintenance requirements in oilfileds we have designed specialised corrosion control agents that are formulated with standard procedures in controlled laboratory environment and are thoroughly tested for best performance in real time applications. We can offer the best range of oil and gas line corrosion inhibitors in various formulations according to our customer requirements.

Our continuous research and development activities have helped us in developing superior quality products to improve the performance and profitability of oil and gas manufacturing operations. Our extensive range of the oil field chemicals such as Oil Soluble Demulsifier, Water Soluble Demulsifier and Corrosion Inhibitors, is known for the superior quality and unmatched performance. We have been a leader in developing high performance oilfield chemicals as a result of our rigorous quality control process. When it comes to oil field chemicals for oil and gas drilling projects, we offer one of the most reliable range of chemicals as a leading oilfiled chemical exporter.

Our efforts are continuous on enhancing the quality of diversified substances to make the process more effective, reliable with better output to meet the requirements for oil field chemicals that are based on several factors like crude oil production, reservoirs and drilling locations etc. Our strong supply chain and distribution network offers best pricing products.

Industrial Applications of Oilfield Chemicals

Oilfield Chemicals are widely used in the industry for different purposes. These oilfield chemicals help organizations enhance the outputs in the field during operations and ensure maximum efficiency. These oilfield chemicals contain excellent capabilities and important functionalities for completing the need of end products. The progress of industry in upgrading the quality of the chemicals, compliance to the environment, and deliverability have eventually resulted in on-field performance and longevity, thereby helping operators gain maximum requirements fulfilled.

Some of the most growing industries utilizing oilfield chemicals are the oil & gas production industry, well cementing, drilling and completion fluids, and other stimulation applications.

Oil & Gas Production Industry

The oil and gas production industry use oilfield chemicals for assuring the flow of oils without any hindrance. Another important use is for the separation of oil from water or water from oil.

Well Cementing

At RIMPRO, we have a wide range of oilfield chemicals that are available in different variations to support the process of well cementing. They play an important role in the form of dispersants, fluid loss additives, gas blocking additives, retarders, defoamers, spacer fluids, and many more.

Role of Specialty Oilfield Chemicals

The oilfield chemicals have been found to work at maximum intensity during the processing of well-drilling due to the inclusion of unique properties within. It has been noticed that oilfield chemicals manufacturers have been implementing innovations by making changes in compounds and blends of these chemicals. As a result, these specialty chemicals have become invaluable solutions for the industries to deal with the problems faced in the industries.

With multiple roles of the specialty oilfield chemicals in industries, RIMPRO stands amongst the most reputed oilfield chemicals exporter & ensures delivering the highest quality range of products for delivering the best results.