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Anti Pollution Skin Care Products through Specialty Chemicals

Anti pollution, issues have started taking center stage in skin care, with the main aim being development of products that protect the skin against irritating effects of sun wind and against air pollutants like cigarette smoke.

According to dermatologists, pollutants in the air lead to hyper pigmentation, inflammation, collagen breakdown, elastin loss and lead to rough and damaged skin.

Products made with cosmetic self-emulsifying waxes include pharmaceutical cream, lotions, and ointments. In action, the active ingredient is able to combine water and oil partially to create the jelly form that is very important in manufacture of cosmetics.

Chemical Characteristics

These products have a lipophillic tail (oil loving), and a hydrophilic head structure so that in action they will act as a link between the two molecules. In skin care, they create a dewy soft feel on the skin while cautioning the skin against action of sun, wind and pollutants. Other important benefits are conditioning for both hair and skin, mildness to touch and powdery feel.

Action against Infrared Radiation

Another important feature of transparent cosmetic self-emulsifiers wax is the ability to incorporate molecules that protect against infrared radiation through reflection. The infrared radiation is diffused in the cosmetic medium used. They possess a reflectance that is approximately 45%, which redirects the radiation and reduces the effect on the skin.

The infrared radiation also causes vasodilation and rise in skin temperature, leading to a condition called skin erythema and therefore more reason to protect the skin epidermis. The self-emulsifying agents are also able to close out the poles of the skin preventing absorption of oilfield chemicals into the body.

self emulsifying wax

Skin Conditioning

Most users of cosmetics prefer moist over oily skin and these agents have been useful in manufacturing of lotions as binders of the active ingredient. As a result, pigments known to cause oily skin have been combined with these agents to produce a product that does not produce oiliness to the skin. They are also readily removed from the skin by simply washing with soap and water.

They have also been used in protection of dry skin. Dry skin results from inadequate rehydration from the lower layer of the skin, or too much water loss from skin due to low humidity in atmosphere. This dryness is prevented when emulsifiers act as moisturizers as well as holding emollients for preventing dryness.

Skin Protection from Other Gasses

Research has also shown that skin, scalp and hair can be protected from atmospheric pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxides. The skin can also be protected from action of heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury. These reduce the cells defense against free radicals. Incorporation of poly Amide fibers into cosmetic compositions has been seen to offer good protection against pollutants through topical application. In addition, research has shown that they give a velvety texture to the skin, easy to spread and smooth.

The development of cosmetic self-emulsifying waxes has led to great innovations being developed in the cosmetic manufacturing. The most important characteristic is their ability to be used as binder material as well as holding jelly for other molecules to be incorporated.

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