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Importance of Oilfield Chemicals - Emulsion Breakers, Water and Oil Line Corrosion Inhibitors

Various kinds of chemicals are used in oilfield for better productivity and higher efficiency in the processes. While some are used in operations like oil well drilling and exploration many are employed for maintenance purposes like protecting pipelines and equipment from corrosion. There are two most important oilfield chemicals which play an important role in achieving oilfield efficiency and longevity. They are emulsion breakers (demulsifiers) and corrosion inhibitors.

Oil Line Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors have important role to play in oilfield industries. The pipelines through which oil is transported or conveyed in oilfield are highly prone to corrosion because of presence of water in it. Water contains oxygen which is main contaminant causing corrosion in oilfield lines. The water and oil line corrosion inhibitors for oilfield are those essential chemicals which function as oxygen scavengers absorbing oxygen present in water oil emulsions being transported through pipeline thereby safeguarding it from the reduction-oxidation reaction which occurs when oxygen reacts with ferrous or non ferrous metals causing corrosion. Therefore oil line corrosion inhibitors are very important to oilfields which can save up the costs, downtime and materials employed for repair and replacement due to corrosion in oilfields.

Oilfield Demulsifiers (Emulsion Breakers)

The oil produced in the oilfield is often associated with significant quantities of water which gets associated with the oil either naturally or through injection during the processes. This water should be separated from the oil because it can impact the properties of the oil and can also cause corrosion in the pipelines. This is the reason why demulsifiers or emulsion breakers are required in oilfield. Emulsion breakers for oilfield are those specialty chemicals which can separate out oil and water from the crude oil water emulsions. They work through a process of crude oil demulsification which cause a density change in emulsion making it easier for separation to occur. Demulsifiers can efficiently elevate crude oil value for export while minimizing the operating or maintenance costs which might be required in case if corrosion takes place.

Demulsifier Manufacturer

Rimpro India is a leading oilfield chemicals and demulsifier manufacturer in India producing a wide range of oilfield demulsifiers for water oil separation in oilfield processes. The manufacturer is a specialist at providing high quality oil and water soluble demulsifiers with medium concentration of surfactants and surfactants for oilfield processes including oil recovery and processing, oil drilling, reservoir injection and surface plant process, oil transportations etc.

This article has been written by Govindbhai Mathurdas Patel.