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Emulsifying Waxes and Their Different Applications

Emulsifying waxes bind oil and water together. They keep your skin moisturized and help lotions thicken. What are the benefits of using these waxes? Here are three. In addition to being good for your skin, emulsifying waxes also don't clog pores. Read on to learn more.

What is Emulsifying Wax?

Emulsifying wax is a substance that binds oil to water, making it ideal for use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products. Its name usually precedes the initials NF, which indicate it conforms to the National Formulary. Emulsifying waxes are made from either vegetable or petroleum-based wax and a detergent. They are odorless, white, and contain little fatty alcohol.

How Emulsifying Wax Binds Oil and Water Together?

An emulsifying wax is a type of cosmetic ingredient used to keep oil and water from separating. It is a mixture of plant derived alcohols and detergents, which helps oil and water bind. Its primary function is to thicken a recipe. Emulsifying waxes are often used in skin care products, and are available in both vegetable and petroleum-based forms.

How Emulsifying Wax Keeps Skin Hydrated?

Emulsifying waxes are used in skin care products. The fatty composition of this substance ensures that not much water is lost from the skin. As a result, your skin is healthier and softer. Among emulsifiers, cetearyl olivate is one of the most commonly used. It's also free from additives, making it a great option for creams and lotions.

Emulsifying Waxes

How Emulsifying Wax Helps Thicken Lotions?

The emulsifying waxes found in lotions and creams are made from fats and esters. These waxes are gentle on the skin and are useful for thickening lotions. These waxes are often found in lotion and cream formulations, and can be purchased at hobby and craft supply stores. If you're interested in making your own lotion, you can follow the instructions below to create your own formula.

Why Emulsifying Wax is Used to keep Hair Hydrated?

Often used in salons, emulsifying waxes keep hair moisturized and bouncy. These products are a must-have for dry, dull hair. In fact, easy drying of hair is one of the leading causes of breakage and thinning of hair. To prevent this, emulsifying agents in hair care products help retain water within the hair. However, it is important to note that emulsifying agents can clog pores and block the release of sweat.

The Bottom Line

Emulsifying waxes are a good way to keep oil and water from separate and thicken your recipes. Emulsions are made by mixing immiscible liquids like water and oil, and wax creates an emulsion between the two. You can make your own, and once you have your waxes, simply add the oils to the water phase. The emulsion should be thick and opaque.