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Cosmetic Self Emulsifying Wax - Rimpro India

Self Emulsifying Wax - Cosmetic Wax

Self emulsifying wax is applied in manufacturing cosmetics, pharmaceutical cream, lotions, ointments etc. The molecular action of self emulsifying wax has properties to bind water and oil to form a jelly like smooth emulsion. The water is known as hydrophobic or polarized characteristics and would like to bind with hydrophilic material or non-polar substances. Eg. The hydrophobic property own by olive oil. But emulsifying wax contains both the characteristics of hydrophilic and hydrophobic. This is the reason that some of the portion of self emulsifying was attracting the oil and some of the portion binding with water to create a spongy formation mixed with oil and water in cosmetic wax.

Cosmetics made from self emulsifying waxes helps oil to be absorbed in the skin to make it wet. Rimpro offers Self Emulsifying waxes in wide range of Non Ionic self emulsifying wax and Anionic self emulsifying wax (WAX AO). Self emulsifying wax is also known as Polawax. Rimpro provides high quality Self Emulsifying Waxes at most attractive rates compare to others.