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Demulsifier - Oilfield Demulsifier (Emulsion Breaker)

Demulsifier is a formulated product from oilfield demulsifier manufacturer and this formula depend upon the Properties of crude oil e.g. such as: paraffin, asphalt, API, emulsion, Salt, water contain, gases contain

A paraffinic demulsifier (100% concentrated petroleum demulsifier) is recommended to break oil field oil/water emulsions and aid in solids removal from liquids providing a high quality produced crude and clean effluent water. These emulsion breakers work by attacking the droplet interface causing the droplets to disperse or gather into larger droplets. This demulsification action causes a density change making it easier for separation to occur. Factors that influence the type of emulsion breaker selected include the type of emulsion, either oil-in-water or water-in-oil, and the API gravity of the crude. Evaluation of the rate of water drop, sharpness of oil/water interface, and cleanliness of the water are included in analyzing for the proper oilfield demulsifier.

In oil production systems, water is often present in the reservoir and is co-produced with the oil. Due to the presence of emulsifying agents, such as:

  • Naturally occurring surfactants in the oil / water
  • Silts, fine solids, drilling mud, and clays
  • Shearing effects resulting from turbulent flow and pumps, these fluids combine to form an emulsion
  • Water and steam floods.

Water clarifiers or reverse demulsifiers are also available for aid in removing oil and solids from oil field and industrial waters.

The need for oilfield chemical demulsifiers is seen in almost every industry segment; anywhere oil and water are used. Demulsifier manufacturer and exporter provides this chemical to major users of paraffinic demulsifiers (petroleum demulsifier) for demulsification include the following industries: steel, aluminum, chemical processing, petroleum refineries demulsifier, fuel washing prior to gas turbines, slop and tramp oil treatment, and in the processing of crude oil in the oil field, both to treat synthetic mud's and to treat the produced hydrocarbons.

The type of emulsion breaker selected depends on whether the emulsion is water-continuous or hydrocarbon-continuous. And whether the solids or other impurities are desired in the water layer or are to be incorporated in the oil layer.

Our high quality 100% concentrated demulsifier intermediates are used to create the quality demulsifier blends by the oilfield formulators for unique production of export quality hydrocarbon stream. Even demulsifiers are effective for resolving emulsions at rapid rate, enhances the quality of extracted oil with higher extractions and low wastage. Demulsifiers also reduce the energy consumption. They are the complex mixture of surfactants, solvents and other builders.

RIMPRO as a leading demulsifier exporter and manufacturer, produces a wide range of oilfield demulsifiers, which are used to "break" emulsions (that is, separate the two phases – oil and water). Our demulsifiers are available as medium concentration of surfactant for oil-in-water emulsions (water soluble) or hydrocarbon-soluble liquids for water-in-oil emulsions.(oil soluble)


How to formulate the demulsifier by demulsifier formulator

These solutions are prepared using a special formulator which acts as the base agent which can then be modified into water based or oil based demulsifiers. Water soluble types can dissolve into crude oil, ethanol, methanol or any water based solution. Oil based types dissolve in organic solutions, crude, toluene, benzene and other aromatic solvents.

Demulsifier (petroleum refineries demulsifier) is mainly formulated by surfactant demulsifier formulator, which is polymerized by starting agent and blocks of fatty alcohol, fatty acid, fatty amines, epoxy propane and ethylene oxide, or modified or built up for its polymers. Under normal temperature, it is one kind of pale yellow fluid, which is classified into water-soluble demulsifier and oil-soluble demulsifier. The water-soluble emulsion breaker is soluble in crude oil, water or ethanol or methanol, and could be mixed with water in any ratio, forming into emulsion when meeting with water. The oil-soluble demulsifier is soluble in crude oil, organic solvents such as ethanol, benzene, methylbenzene, toluene, xylene, Methanol, aromatic other solvent etc.


Packaging and Handling:

RIMPRO high concentrated demulsifier (petroleum demulsifier) is packaged in 55 gal. Steel drums. (208 liters) It contains an aromatic solvent, and should be handled easily semi skilled workers.