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Applications of Oilfield Chemicals in Oil & Gas Drilling and exploration Projects

Different types of oilfield chemicals

Oil chemicals are used in drilling and exploration of gas and oil to improve these operations by improving the efficiency and productivity of the oil drilling process, for example by protecting the equipment and pipes from corrosion and by separating oil and water from oil which usually form an emulsion.

Demulsifier (oil soluble and water soluble), corrosion inhibitors

Demulsifiers (divided into oil soluble and water soluble demulsifiers) are used to separate oil and water in the oilfield. Corrosion inhibitors are the chemicals that help prevent the corrosion of pipelines that are used to transport the oil in the oilfield. Corrosion is mainly caused by oxygen in the oilfield, and since water contains oxygen, corrosion inhibitors are necessary to absorb the oxygen in the water oil emulsions.

Applications of demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, anti-corrosion agents

Much of the oil which is produced in the oilfield usually has a big amount of water which gets mixed with the oil through the oil drilling process or naturally, especially in offshore drilling and wells. It is important to separate the oil from the water so as to purify it, as well as to reduce the corrosion of the pipelines and containers ferrying the oil. Demulsifiers are used for this purpose in the oilfield. Demulsifiers work by causing changes in density of the oil, causing easier separation of the two chemicals while at the same time reducing the corrosion of the pipelines which might lead to higher maintenance costs of equipment. Corrosion of the pipelines in the oilfield will lead to losses and higher maintenance costs. Corrosion in the pipelines in an oilfield can be caused by attack of oxygen, carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulphide. It can be reduced by corrosion inhibitors. These work by reacting with the corrosion agents such as oxygen and making them to be inactive in the containers. Anti-corrosion agents are chemicals that protect the covering of pipelines in the oilfield from the corrosion agents getting into contact with them, hence helping to protect and save costs for maintenance and buying of new containers and pipelines. Visit - http://www.rimpro-india.com/oil-field-chemicals.html to know the applications of oilfield chemicals in detail.

Benefits of these chemicals in drilling and exploring oil and gas

The corrosion inhibitors are necessary to save the costs of buying new equipment such as pipelines and containers which are susceptible to corrosion effects in the oilfield. This also helps to reduce the downtime lost in repairing the containers and pipelines, as well as the materials which have to be bought and maintained at high costs in the oilfield.


Demulsifiers, anti-corrosion agents as well as corrosion inhibitors are very important in the oil field since they help to protect the pipelines, containers and equipment from damage, corrosion and leaking the oil. They also help to separate the oil from other liquids and solids such as water, hence improving the quality of the oil and raising its grade. It is important to acquire the oilfield chemicals from a reputable and trustworthy supplier, since they can help reduce unnecessary costs and improve the profit margins in the industry. It is also important to get the proper chemicals for the location of the oilfield.
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