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Surfactant - Specialty Oilfield Chemicals used in Oil Exploration Process

Different Types of Surfactants and their applications

Surfactant is usually used to lower tension between liquid molecules and has a wide range of application in various industrial processes. They are of different types such as:

Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate which is normally used in cleaners, dish washing detergents, lubricating, dyeing and finishing textiles .It also has use in cosmetics, paint, leather, rubber, paper and manufacture of agricultural sprays and so on and so forth.

Fatty Acid Ethoxylate- used as an emulsifier in oil and water based creams.

Fatty Amines Ethoxylate-used in agrochemical, automotive and pharmaceutical industry

Alkylphenol Ethoxylate-are highly applicable in metal processing, manufacturing of herbicides and pesticides, latex and wax production, textile processing and manufacture of detergents

Polyethylene Glycols-used in pharmaceutical formulations to produce topical, rectal and oral products

Silicon Oil emulsifier-generally used as an emulsifier for silicon oil

Paraffin Wax Emulsifier-used for emulsifying paraffin wax

Castor Oil Ethoxylate – used in production of textile, cosmetics, animal feeds and pharmaceutical formulations to produce topical, rectal and oral products feeds and Textile

Glycerine Ethoxylate-used in the cosmetic and industrial industry as a non water sol emulsifier

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Usage of surfactants in oil exploration process

Offshore and onshore Oil exploration is one of the most lucrative ventures that multi -national firms invest in owing to the huge financial returns associated with oil and gas. This is a fact that is in the public domain but what many of you may not be aware of is the process and material that are used in exploring, processing and transporting the oil. Oil exploration requires good quality specialty oilfield chemicals such as demulsifier and oil soluble demulsifier to ease the different processes such as recovery, processing, oil drilling, reservoir injection and surface plant process. Surfactant is the surface active agent used to lower the surface tension of liquid molecules hence aiding in the separation of two liquids or a liquid and a solid. Oil field chemicals such as oil soluble demulsifier are involved in almost every stage of the exploration process and have a significant bearing on the quality of oil that will be retrieved.


Surfactant has a wide range of industrial applications therefore making it a key component in many consumer goods products. That said much needs to be done to ensure a consistent supply of this unique substance. Oilfield chemicals such as demulsifier have proven to be instrumental in retrieving and processing high quality oil for market consumption. This in turn has created a huge demand for these non water sol chemicals. The high demand for oil field chemicals is projected to increase tremendously particularly owing to the fact that the number of oilfield exploration sites are on the rise. Some of the main oil and gas reserves that have been supplying oil are now declining and more exploration is being done to ensure that the world has a steady supply of this vital commodity that the human race cannot simply do without. It is a dynamic industry for now and the future.
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