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Applications of Surfactants [INFOGRAPH]

Surfactants are the surface active agents that are widely used in form of cleansing agents, emulsifiers and wetting agents for various applications in industries. They can be used in formation of other surfactant products or derivatives and are often employed in processes as solubilizing and coupling agents, fiber lubricants and dyeing assists in textile processes, leveling agents and in various other applications.Talking about the surfactant products widely used in industries, ethoxylates are widely used in industries as surfactants. Ethoxylates derived from ethoxylation of substances like fatty alcohols, fatty acids or amines are employed in industries for applications like cleaning, emulsifying, wetting, scouring etc. This infograph shows how surfactants work and its different applications in various fields like oilfield chemicals, agrochemical industries and leather industries etc. for More details on different types of Surfactants and their industrial applications, visit - http://www.rimpro-india.com/surfactant.html

Infograph on Surfactant