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Industries Where Ethoxylates find Their Best Applications in Form of Surfactants

Ethoxylation of fatty alcohols, fatty acids, esters or amines results in production of ethoxylates. Ehtoxylates are known for their cleaning, emulsifying and wetting properties and hence are applied in several industries as surfactant products.

Ethoxylates are the non-ionic surface active agents that do not form ions when in aqueous solutions. Hence they are often referred as nonionic surfactant products. Available in different makes and specifications, the ethoxylate surfactant formulations are good for both household as well as industrial requirements.

The scope of usability of these ethoxylate products extends over a wide range of industrial sectors. However the best applications are confined to textile paper, agriculture, rubber, leather, paints and cosmetics industries.

The polyoxyethylene alcohols or the popularly so-called fatty alcohol ethoxylates are the best products for cleaning applications in domestic sector. They are important for laundry-detergent formulation, formulation of floor-cleaners and wax stripper liquid, hand washing or waterless hand cleaner formulations.

Ethoxylate Surfactants for Textile Industry

The best among the applications of polyoxyethylene alcohols or fatty alcohol ethoxylates is as industrial surfactant products and in the textile industry. Alcohol ethoxylates for textile industry are used for scouring, finishing, dyeing and lubricating the fabrics. These are used for scouring operations like wool-scouring and cotton kier viscose boiling-off and soaping-off. They are best for dyeing cotton and play an important role as penetrates, wetting agent, and dyeing assistants for textile applications.

Agriculture Industry

Ethoxylate surfactants in agriculture can give the best applications as emulsifiers for sprays. They are not affected either by hard water or any kind of pH changes and hence can best serve as nonionic surfactants for agricultural use.

Rubber and Cosmetics Industries

The fatty alcohol ethoxlates for rubber industry can give a better performance as excellent stabilizing agents for rubber latex while on the other hand are ideal products used in manufacture of cosmetics such as shampoos, skin cleansers, antibacterial wash etc.

Paint Industries

The ethoxylates in particular the lauryl myristyl alcohol ethoxylates are of great use for solving the problems of coagulation, agitation or milling of latex emulsions encountered during the paint formulating operations. These nonionic surfactants show excellent tolerance for hard water and hence are the best emulsifiers used for emulsion polymerization of the base lattices in paint formulation processes.

Leather Industries

The polyxyethylene surfactant products are ideal for applications in leather industries. Degreasing, fat-liquoring, tanning, and finishing of leather products are some of the best applications that can be executed with these fatty alcohol ethoxylates. Visit - http://www.rimpro-india.com/surfactant.html to know about various ethoxylates offered at Rimpro India.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Ethoxylates

Rimpro India is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of surfactant products in India. The company provides a wide range of high quality surfactants including fatty alcohol ethoxylates, fatty acid ethoxylates, fatty amine ethoxylates, nonyl phenol ethoxylates, castor oil ethoxylates etc for various industrial applications.

This article educates reader about ethoxylates and industrial applications of ethoxylates as surfactants.

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