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Brief About Demulsifiers [INFOGRAPH]

This infograph gives you brief information about demulsifiers including types of reliable oilfield chemicals, demulsifiers and its significance in oilfield processing, crude oil demulsifier and water soluble demulsifier. With the help of water soluble demulsifier, to stabilize emulsion content in the extracted liquid.

Crude oil demulsifier is more capable in removing water content from the oil extract. Demulsifiers are the one of the main source of chemicals that used in oilfield industry. It also helpful in removing the naturally present emulsifying agents in water obtained from oilfield wells. Rimpro India provides water soluble, surfactants, oil soluble demulsifies, corrosion inhibitors and emulsions for cosmetic industries as well. Kindly Visit at http://www.rimpro-india.com/contact-us.html.


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