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Protecting Expensive Oilfield Equipments with Demulsifiers

Conditional Equipment Protecting Procedure

One of the major requirements in oil field extraction and processing processes is to protect refinery equipments from being affected by possible factors such as scaling, corrosion, etc. The natural component present in water in oil wells has a powerful impact over oil field equipments. Protecting those equipments becomes a mandatory activity to continue with sustained production. The role of oil field chemicals begins from here. Untreated scaling causes damage to the equipments like pipe lines and further create hindrance to production process. Among the oil field chemicals demilsifiers has a big role to play in terms of preventing scaling and differentiating oil and water.

Demulsifiers - Types and Applications

Demulsification is a most required and tough process in oil fields and it is concerned with segregating emulsion into oil and water. The purity of oil remains on how fast and how effectively water content is removed from the crude oil. Demulsifier is an active chemical ingredient that is applied in multiple processing aspects of oil field chemicals. It works out effectively in terms of separating oil and water and removing water and salt content from crude oil. The crude oil which passes through demulsification process is further sent for purification process.

 There are different types of demilsifiers used in oil fields they are,

  • Water Soluble Demulsifier - It is otherwise called salt removal demulsifier that is mainly applied to treat oil emulsion and on treating waste water. It is also found be very effective in separating solid material from crude oil

  • Oil Soluble Demulsifier-It works in terms of separating oil, mud and water from the raw material.

How Demulsifiers protect Oil Field Equipments?

Oil field is one of the expensive ranges of industries in which each equipment has a significant role to play. Protecting these equipments to support for long term extraction, processing and purification process as these equipments meet obvious possibilities of scaling at higher percentage. Demulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors are some of the important oil field chemicals that are applied to avoid scaling and corrosion damages in oil field components. Apart from that,

  • The concern for removing scaling and protecting equipment starts with the application of suitable chemicals and supportive components through which it can be prevented to a great extent.

  • This process begins at an earlier stage in which water from oil wells are treated through different processes to remove all sorts of inorganic substances to keep the equipments safe from scaling.

  • Demulsifier especially salt removing demulsifier is applied in equipments of oil treatment units and pipelines.

  • This helps in preventing scaling formed due to presence of salt.

  • Demulsifiers with high content of paraffins are called paraffinic demulsifier

  • Paraffin demulsifiers protect oil field equipments from asphaltene –tar-paraffin deposits and against corrosion.

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    Demulsifiers are used in oil field industry to separate oil emulsion and water. It is available in different types and stays an efficient chemical in the process of protecting oil field equipments from getting scaling through salt.

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