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Corrosion Inhibitor - A Greener Approach Preventing Corrosion to Metals and Alloys

How Corrosion inhibitor helps metals and alloys from corrosion?
Corrosion is the process of rust formation in metal parts which will gradually reduce the capacity and purity of metals. There are many methods applied in reducing the effect of corrosion and corrosion inhibitor is one of the recently preferred successful methods that help in slowing down corrosion in metallic parts. The application of inhibitors for resisting corrosion is almost 90 to 95% effective as it protects the metals with its relatively high concentration power. Prevention of metals from corrosion is considered a mandatory and important requirement as there are lot of environmental factors that affect the metal surface and lead to corrosion. The inhibitors are particularly found to be very effective in oil and gas industry to prevent the influence of corrosiveness of acid gases on the steel structure like tubular equipments, vessels used in production process and in transportation systems.

Tips to consider while applying corrosion inhibitor technology

Gas, oil and water corrosion inhibitor is found to be very effective in oil and gas industry as they are specially designed to protect the industrial elements from environmental influences such as biological deposits, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and many acids that are applied in the industry. Corrosion inhibitor technology is a very effective protective technology that has to be applied systematically and by keeping in mind the following suggestions such as

  • Application of inhibition technology has to go compatible with the kind of fluid that react on the material and the effectiveness of the inhibitor because the pipeline that experience top line corrosion in terms of forming into a thick layer from saturation of water with acid and gases. For example, selecting the right inhibitor specification for specific purposes is very important such as oil line corrosion inhibitor, pipeline corrosion inhibitor, water and oil corrosion inhibitor,etc
  • Selection of water dispersible corrosion, oil soluble corrosion inhibitor, etc has to be chosen carefully for effective corrosion removal process.  Because, some inhibitor components or chemicals might fail to react with oil and water.
  • The application of green inhibitors will stay a better alternative option as some organic inhibitor components are found to be toxic.

What makes corrosion inhibitor a cost effective and environment friendly option?
Some organic inhibitors are identified to be toxic in its property hence, in recent days more green or environmental friendly inhibitors are prescribed in the place of organic. In one way, green inhibitors are beneficial than organic and in another way, considering the environmental safety, inhibitors formed with plant products are safe for both the materials as well as surrounding. Some of the benefits of applying plant inhibitors are

  • Investing on plant product inhibitors will stay a cost effective option as they are easily available
  • Plants are made of strong molecular structure and therefore posses relatively better physical and chemical properties, and above all they can be naturally obtained hence, they work effectively on different corrosion environment.
  • Plants such as Tannins are highly applied in preventing corrosion of steel, aluminium, with an inhibition or corrosion resistance capacity of nearly 96%.
  • Eucalyptus and henna leaves are useful in protection of mild steel and nickel respectively from oil field chemicals.

Investing on corrosion inhibitor is a justifiable option for smooth purification and production of oil and gas. However, choosing a trustworthy and quality corrosion inhibitor manufacturer is more important. Visiting online resources will get in touch with the best corrosion inhibitor exporter or supplier. To know more about corrosion inhibitor exporter and supplier, kindly visit - www.rimpro-india.com

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