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Profitable Drilling With Oil Field Reagents

For greater drilling efficiency and wells productivity, strategic management of the operations is important. Cost effectiveness is very important and maximum oil recovery is important, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

To achieve a successful operation the use of chemicals and reagents to support the operation is crucial. These specialty chemicals have unique acting abilities for the maintenance of the oil well, the bore and even the mud that is generated during drilling.

For the last ten years much emphasis has been put in to the development of drilling chemicals and they have yield better results and the productivity of the well and gas production. It is also important to note that if the oil field chemicals are used wrongly, they can cause serious challenges to the drilling operation.

Types of Oil Field Chemicals
The drilling operation can be divided into various stages with each stage having separate requirements in terms of the additives and chemicals used. These include;

  • Boring and completion additives: These products are de-flocculants, de-foamers, lubricants, fluid loss reducers, PH controllers, shale inhibitors, pipe freeing agents, surfactants, specialty salts and even polymeric viscosifiers. They assist in making the hole by;
  • Removal off cuttings,
  • Lubrication as well as cooling of the drilling bit,
  • Transmission of power to the nozzles or the drilling turbines,
  • Containing the formation of fluids
  • Support the weight of the pipe and the casing as well as serve as the medium for formation logging.

These fluids must not corrode the bit, pollute the environment, or impair the productivity of the well.

  • Reinforcement additives, they are important in reinforcing or enhancing the integrity of the walls of the well. Broadly they can be categorized as dispersants, accelerators, fluid loss reducers, gas migration controllers, retarders and chemical washers. For an example ‘Hydraulez – EZ “is used to maintain the integrity of the borehole especially in the horizontally drilled hole. Bentonite is useful for fresh water rotary drilling for holding the mud together allowing easier drilling. ‘’Pure gel ‘’is suitable for drilling where the quality of the ground water and soil composition must be maintained.
  • Stimulation additions. These include bactericides, Breakers, corrosion inhibitors, crosslinkers, mutual solvents, PH controllers, gelling agents and surfactants as well. ‘Aqua clear’ is a liquid mixture of acids designed to prevent and control the bacterial substance contamination occasioned by iron and sulphate related bacterias. ‘’Clear PFD ‘’is a polymer used as dispersant and works well for mud and sediment removal from the formation.
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Due to the wide varieties of forces and an interaction of various factors, it has become important and crucial to incorporate reagents and chemicals in the drilling process.

A lot of heat energy is produced and should be removed by a circulating emulsifying agent.

While drilling, a fluid is required to allow for deposition of a cake on the walls to prevent its collapse as well as prevent it from going to the formulation. This is enhanced using bentonite to increase the colloidal portion of the mud.

Oil field chemicals are therefore crucial in the drilling process and when properly used will lead to more profitability in drilling.

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