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Get More Information on Surfactant Production and its Demand in Industries

What is Surfactant?

  • Surfactant is a chemical or organic component used to reduce the surface tension of a liquid.
  • They are applied in different industries such as oil fields, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Types of Surfactant
  • Surfactants are of three major types they are Anionic Surfactants, Nonionic Surfactants and Cationic Surfactants.
  • Among them Anionic and Nonionic surfactants are the two main types that are frequently preferred for industrial applications.


Advantages of Surfactant for Industrial Usage
  • The different properties of surfactants stay a sustainable product for various industrial core processes.
  • Surfactants are used as wetting agent, sanitizers, stabilizing agent, defoaming agent and many more.


How Rimpro-India offers Industrially Compatible Surfactant Production?
  • Rimpro-India produces assortment or surfactant types like alkyl alcohol ethoxylate, fatty amines ethoxylate, polyethylene glycols, and many more.
  • Apart from that they take up custom industrial requirements such as oil fields, textile, and leather processing, mining, etc.


Surfactants Produced by Rimpro-India
  • Rimpro-India is a leader in producing surfactants for a wide range of industries.
  • Surfactants from Rimpro-India are known for its economic pricing as well as quality.


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Buying chemicals for core industrial activities needs good knowledge about the types of chemicals available and the price range. With the increase in demand for chemical component like surfactants, it is better to make sure of the company that can offer good quality of surfactants and Rimpro-India is one of the reliable choices for the same.

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