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Learn about the Role Played by Oilfield Chemicals?

Significance of Oil Field Chemicals

  • Oil field chemicals are chemical components of various combinations that are applied in oil and gas extraction operations.
  • They stay very helpful in enhancing the exploration of drilling process in terms of resulting in smooth drilling.


Major Oil Field Chemicals in Demand

  • Oil field demulsifier, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors are the particular components that are in great demand for oil field activities.
  • These chemicals are used in various ways to separate oil from water.

Demulsifier and its Benefits

  • Rimpro-India offers Oil soluble and water soluble demulsifier which have different properties.
  • Oil soluble demulsifiers can help to speed up the oil-water separation process whereas, water soluble demulsifier is a non-hazardous component that helps to obtain good oil quality.

Corrosion Inhibitor and its Industrial Applications

  • Corrosion inhibitor is applied to reduce the chances of corrosion in oil field extraction activities.
  • It keeps the metal surface from attracting scaling of oilfield materials by reacting with the materials.

Oilfield Chemical Production by Rimpro-India

  • Rimpro-India produces high quality of surfactants and oil field chemicals.
  • Their range of surfactants and oil field chemicals can be purchased for higher level of production activities.


When it comes to oil field industry the role played by corrosion inhibitors and demulsifiers are comprehensive. Rimpro-India has been in this industry since several years and has been offering high and large quantity of oil field chemicals at affordable pricing.

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