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Learn More about Surfactants that are Less Sensitive to Water Hardness

Chemical Explanation of Surfactants

A surfactant is a chemical largely applied for its surface active property. This property in turn allows the chemical component to reduce the formation of soil deposit on the surface on which it has been applied.

Classification of Surfactants

Also called as surfactants, these are classified into two major varieties namely, anionic and nonionic surfactants. The former is applied largely for cleaning aspects and are not friendly with water. The nonionic surfactants are less sensitive to the hardness present in water.

General Characteristics

These types of surfactants are largely applied as a cleaning and corrosion resistant agent in oil wells. The type of carbohydrate present in the surfactant reacts on its reactivity to other substances. The selection of surfactant depends on the reducing strength of environment toxic properties on the living things present in the sea.

How water hardness is managed with surfactant Chemical?

Water hardness is unavoidable and the same property remains a challenging trait in many activities done in oil extraction. Hence, oil field industries say choosy while purchasing surfactants. They prefer to use nonionic surfactants.

What is the Specific Quality that Makes Nonionic surfactant to stay less reactive to water hardness?

These are prepared from ingredients that do not possess hydrophilic ingredients. The absence of hydrophilic substance makes the surfactant variety stay less sensitive to water hardness. Some of the cleaning chemicals that work effectively with surfactants are fatty alcohol polyglycosides, alcohol ethoxylate, etc.

Surfactant Production as per Consumer Request

Nonionic surfactants are prepared with the optional ethoxylate component preferred by the consumer as per the industrial requirement. Manufacturers cater to the industrial needs for cleaning requisites and produce surfactants that are less sensitive to water hardness.

Rimpro India-A Leader in Supplying Variety of Industrial surfactants

Rimpro India has been supplying large scale industries like oil, construction, cement, etc with variety of chemicals that are then applied for different processes.
Water Friendly Surfactants Supplied by Rimpro India

We supply both water sensitive and water friendly surfactants as per the consumer requests. The range of nonionic cleaning agents we supply includes fatty alcohol ethoxylate, fatty acid ethoxylate, fatty amine ethoxylate, castor oil ethoxylate, glycerine ethoxylate, etc.

How Application of Nonionic Surfactants stay effective in cleaning

Apart from less sensitivity to water hardness, nonionic surfactants are applied for the its foam stability, improve cleaning results, and above all these components help to obtain improved surfactant quality when added for liquid surfactant products.

Preparation of Surfactant Components from Industrial Point of View

Rimpro India focuses on the chemical properties of individual surfactant hence; we blend the components based on its cleaning performance, reactivity with water, density, and finally cost of production to match the industrial requirements.


Hardness of water varies from place to place. However pure may be, there remains certain percentage of hardness in water which might form into layer; hence, surfactants are prepared to remove the hardness in water and perform the cleaning process.

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