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Surfactant - Application as Nonionic Cleaning Agents [INFOGRAPH]

This infograph shows how surfactant is useful in best quality surfactant manufacturing. Nonionic surfactants are prepared with the optional ethoxylate component preferred by the consumer as per the industrial requirement. Manufacturers cater to the industrial needs for cleaning requisites and produce surfactants that are less sensitive to water hardness. Rimpro India has been supplying large scale industries like oil, construction, cement, etc with variety of chemicals that are then applied for different processes. We supply both water sensitive and water friendly surfactants as per the consumer requests. The range of nonionic cleaning agents we supply includes fatty alcohol ethoxylate, fatty acid ethoxylate, fatty amine ethoxylate, castor oil ethoxylate, glycerine ethoxylate, etc. Rimpro India focuses on the chemical properties of individual surfactant hence; we blend the components based on its cleaning performance, reactivity with water, density, and finally cost of production to match the industrial requirements.  Kindly Visit - http://www.rimpro-india.com/surfactant.html.

Surfactant – Application as Nonionic Cleaning Agents

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