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Manufacture Wide Range of Industrial, Cosmetic and Processing Chemicals Using Fatty Amine, Oleyl Amine and Coco Ethoxylates

Fatty amine, oleyl amine and coco ethoxylates are common surfactants that are widely used in many chemical processing plants, cosmetics manufacture and in making detergents. They are also used in the petrochemical industry. 


How Can Industries Use Fatty Amine, Oleyl Amine and Coco Ethoxylates in Preparing Different Products

Fatty amine ethoxylates are non ionic and have special surface wetting properties.  Due to this property, they are widely applied in manufacturing many detergents, sanitizers and deforming agents. They are a major ingredient in most of the cleaning agents.  The fatty amine ethoxylate are also used to manufacture many emulsifier brands. These emulsifiers enhance the mixing process in many chemical and agrochemical industry as the increase solubility in oil and water based chemicals.


Most industries processing oil based compounds and chemicals require cleaning agents during processing.  The most common, cheap and effective cleaning agents are manufactured from fatty amine ethoxylate. They are widely applied in textile industry, paint manufacture metal cleaning, fabric softening, mining, drilling and paper making.


Oley amine ethoxylate are used in the textile industry since they have high bonding affinity.  They enhance the coating application in fabric dyeing and in the painting industry.


Coco amine ethoxylate are also applied as cleaning, wetting and sticking agents. They also used in the manufacture of cosmetic products and are used to form cosmetic waxes. There are also used in the manufacture of many stabilizers used on chemical production industries.


Current Trends in the Use Ethoxylates for Industrial Applications

The use of ethxylated products in industrial application has been one the rise due to their effectiveness as coating, sticking and wetting agents. The application of these surfactants in chemical, agrochemical, mining, petrochemical and other industries is expected to continue to rise. Moreover, new additives involving these chemicals are being developed every day and this increases their application in future.  


Why Use Fatty Amine, Oleyl Amine and Coco Ethoxylates in Industries and Cosmetic Manufacture

Fatty amine, oleyl amine and coco ethoxylate find many industrial applications due to their effective wetting ability, solubility and sticking properties. Most industries use them as cleaning agents or as admixtures to improve the solubility of oil based chemicals in water.


As cleaning agents, they remove impurities by emulsification and this ensures that no extra machines are required by industries for cleaning. For example, these surfactants when applied in oil cleaning remove water particles without the need for extra equipments such as fractional distillation equipments. This reduces the manufacturing and processing costs in most industries.


Common Brands of Ethoxylated Products in India and Other Parts of the World

There are many Indian and international companies producing fatty amine, Oley amine and coco amine ethoxylate products. These amine products are in liquid form with differing amount of amines and have different pH.  They are custom made to suit different industrial applications.



Fatty amine, oleyl amine and coco ethoxylate are widely used in chemical manufacture, cosmetic making and other industries that require the use of cleaning agents, emulsifiers and sticking agents.  These surfactants are an active component in many chemicals, pesticide, cosmetics and cleaning agents.

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