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Self Emulsifying Polish Ingredient - A Naturally Reliable Solution for Body Care Lotion Industry

Why Skincare is considered an Important Healthcare Aspect in Recent Days?

The attitude towards skincare has been considered a part of beauty as well as healthcare. With the raising impact of sun rays due to global warming, it is common to find many people suffering from skin problems such as sun rashes, and tanning of skin complexion, itching, etc. Hence, skin care is increasing globally. Some people do really take serious measures by consulting their dermatologist to find the best alternative for skin care and some buy lotions from pharmaceuticals and apply it on their skin. The Lotions that are made to keep our skin protected from sun rays to a great extent.  The ingredients present in the lotion are selected on the bases of their benefits and impact on the users. Lotion industries also take care of the addition of reliable ingredients that can protect the skin from sun beam impact and supports skin care.

How Skincare can be nurtured with Emulsifying Agents?

Emulsifying agents are considered important part in the production of skincare lotion and creams. There are different types of shine ingredient available hence, it is important to consider the benefits of the emulsifier that is applied in lotion making process. As far as skincare is concerned, emulsifiers help in treating the pores on the skin by clogging the pores on the skin at the initially stage. In addition, emulsifiers do not get absorbed by the skin, hence, they are safe to use on skin. However skins with relatively larger pores and oily skin types cannot be suggested for applying emulsifiers.

The Role of Emulsifiers in Lotion Making

Beauty care products such as lotions and creams stay among the prominent components which people prefer. Lotion or cream is a silky substance made from mixing ingredients such as water, oil and the most important ingredient called emulsifying wax. This emulsifying shine component keep the water and oil base stay together without separating a leaves an emulsion base, however not all the emulsifiers have the complete capacity to blend water with oil, hence, while manufacturing lotion or cream, selecting the right emulsifier should stay a matter of great concern. The self emulsifying wax has a specific capacity to work on a molecular level and stays compatible with both water and oil and they are classified into Non Ionic and Anionic wax wherein, non-ionic wax is a skin compatible type of emulsifier prepared by ingredients such as Decyl ocleate, caprylic triglyceride, octyl dodecanol, etc. This type of wax is prepared by altering the ingredients in accordance with the application. The anionic on the other hand, are alkyl sulphates and may cause irritation on the skin; hence, it is applied in moderate percentage in soap manufacturing.

Impact of Natural Emulsifiers

  • Emulsifiers can be obtained from naturally obtained materials such as algae, xantham gum, and cellulose which are blended with the help of wax like chemical called cetanol.

  • Emulsifying waxes are available in different compositions however; the basic property that is checked in emulsifiers is its capacity to blend oil and water together to obtain a smooth lotion or creme.

  • Cosmetic industries as well as pharmaceutical industries have a large demand for cream production as a beauty care cream and ointment lotion respectively.

  • Apart from manmade emulsifiers, naturally obtained emulsifiers obtained from macadamia nut oil, apricot oil, thistle oil, etc. Emulsifier shine material made from naturally obtained oil does not leave any side effect over the skin surface. To know more about Wax Emulsifier, kindly visit - www.rimpro-india.com/paraffin-wax-emulsifier.html

Oil extracted from the seeds of apricot, macadamia nuts, etc are some of the important resources which can be applied in the process of forming self emulsifying wax. Though many non-ionic emulsifiers are equally good in treating dry skin and tanning of skin, yet natural sources are more safe to use.

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