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Corrosion Inhibitor to Protect Oilfield Tubular Goods

RIM 103 is a unique corrosion inhibitor, which is a modified, amine type additive designed to protect all oilfield tubular goods. This corrosion inhibitor helps prevent general corrosion attack on casing, tubing and down hole tools in contact with clear completion brines. Typical Physical Properties
Typical Physical Properties Physical appearance - Dark brown liquid
Specific gravity - 1.10
Flash Point - 305°F (151.6°C) (PMCC)
Pour Point - <11°F

It additive controls corrosion of tubing and casing strings when used in work over or Packer brines, including sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium bromide, calcium bromide and Zinc bromide. This corrosion inhibitor is designed for use in clear brines but can be used in Viscosified completion or drilling fluids. Pilot testing for compatibility is recommended for this application. For treatment of clear brine fluids, one 55gal (208L) drum of this corrosion inhibitor should be added to 100 bairels (15.9 m3) of brine. This is equal to 0.55 gal/bbl (13.1 L/m3) or 5 lb/bbl (14.3 kg/m3) such corrosion inhibitor can be added directly to the brine without special Mixing equipment or agitation.

Product Bulletin Advantage

Protects metal surfaces in both the shallow, upper part of the well and in the deeper, hotter areas. At the recommended concentration, This inhibitor provides protection at bottom hole temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). Protects both tubular goods and completion tools exposed to work over or clear completion brines Compatible with sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium bromide, calcium bromide and moderate, density zinc bromide brine fluids