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Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor - Film Forming Corrosion Inhibitor

RIM 108 is a water soluble corrosion inhibitor, film-forming product designed to give excellent corrosion protection in topside oil and gas production systems and in pipelines. This corrosion inhibitor has been designed to give a lew level of environmental impact when compared to more commonly applied corrosion inhibitors. It has been widely used in several offshore fields in the North Sea, Middle East and Asia Pacific.
Typical Physical Properties Appearance - Clear, dark brown liquid
Density 1.03 - 1,07 g/cm3@ 20XIM
Pour point - <-10°C
Flash point - .100°
PH, concentrated product - 3.5 -4.5
Solubility - Water
Applications This water soluble corrosion inhibitor is effective against C02 corrosion, as well as H2S corrosion. The product is water-soluble and will partition readily to the water phase. The environmental concerns that are associated with the use of some water-soluble corrosion inhibitors are not a concern for this product. Such inhibitor has an extremely low marine toxicity, does not have a tendency to bioaccumulation and is readily biodegradable. This product has shown good effectiveness in comparative tests performed both in our own laboratories and in third party evaluations. Continuous treatment with 1 to 5ppm of this inhibitor is recommended based upon the total liquid volume, if the water cut is below 5%. The recommended dosage is 20 to 50 ppm, based on water volume, if the water cutis above 5%. Optimization of treatment should be performed according to corrosion monitoring results.