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Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor, Oil Dispersible Organic Corrosion Inhibitor

RIM 107 is a water soluble corrosion inhibitor, oil-dispersible organic corrosion inhibitor intended for use in pipelines and production equipment where production fluid with highwater content is present. Being water soluble inhibitor, this corrosion inhibitor effectively protects water treatment facilities do'wnstream of production equipment.
Typical Physical Properties Appearance - Clear, daribrown liquid
Density - 03-1.09 g/cm3 @ 20°C
Pour point - -11°C
Flash point - >70°C
pH, concentrated product - 3.S 5.5
Solubility - Watesoluble
Application This corrosion inhibitor can be applied neat or be diluted with freshwater to required drum strength. For continuous injection, the typical dosage rate is 10 to 50 ppm.