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Water-soluble Oil-dispersible Organic Corrosion Inhibitor

RIM 106 product is a water-soluble, oil-dispersible organic corrosion inhibitor intended for use in oil and gas flow lines, pipelines and production equipment. This water soluble oil inhibitor has been extensively tested by an independent third party laboratory and has exhibited excellent partitioning of 98%, >95% protection in bubble testing, good inhibition against galvanic attack and jet impingement and excellent performance under severe HT/HP flow loop 5 bar CO, 10 bar total pressure at 85C.
Typical Physical Properties Appearance - Clear, light-brown liquid
Density - 0.925 - 0.985 Q/cms@ 20°C
Pour point - <-20°C
Flash point - 66 °C
pH, concentrated product - 5.4-7.4
Solubility - Water
Application This corrosion inhibitor is recommended for continuous injection, with a typical dosage rate of 10 to 50 ppm for crude oil production systems and 0.1 to 0.4 liters per 1000 cubic meters of gas or 50 to 100 ppm on total gas-associated fluids.